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Office Of Hero Dentist Who Defeated Cecil The Lion Reopens

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Cecil the Lion is dead and, on rare occasions such as this when I give it a second thought, I’m glad. Lions are dumb.

Now the office of Cecil’s conqueror, which was closed down last month due to demented threats from a bunch of crybaby morons, has opened again. Tal Axelrod, ABC News:

The Minnesota dentist who became the focus of worldwide outrage for killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe reopened his practice for the first time today after closing late last month in the wake of the controversy.

A statement from River Bluff Dental in Bloomington, Minnesota, said that Dr. Walter Palmer “is not on site.” A security guard has also been posted outside the practice.

Presumably this means there are other dentists working there. Hey, they’re just trying to make an honest living, despite the efforts of hostile, lamebrained “animal lovers” whose only useful purpose on this planet would be to provide a tasty meal to a hungry lion as they tried to give it a hug.

Eventually these dimwits will find something better to do, or at least some other focus for their ignorant rage. Then Palmer can get back to work, providing a needed service to his community and generally accomplishing more with his life than his critics ever will.

I salute you, Walter Palmer. If I lived in Minneapolis, you would be my new dentist. Illegitimi non carborundum!