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Violent, Vicious Fight Breaks Out Between Breitbart And GOP Consultant

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Shit just got real on Twitter Monday morning after a weekend of volatile media nastiness.

Over the weekend, GOP consultant Rick Wilson, who has been a staple on CNN lately, went after Breitbart News, saying the site was in the tank for Donald Trump, which, ahem, it is. After the first GOP primary debate, the right-wing site even attacked Fox News on his behalf. When RedState coldly disinvited Trump from attending its conference, despite the fact that its leader Erick Erickson has spoken of women as inferior human beings who should be making sandwiches, there was talk that Breitbart News editor Alexander Marlow had internally put a halt on coverage.

Breitbart News didn’t take Wilson’s accusations lying down in Trump’s helicopter or relaxing on his golden airplane. [RELATED: Breitbart News Admires Donald Trump’s Toilet]

Like the drunk guy at the bar who picks a a fight with anyone who looks at them wrong, Breitbart blasted Wilson, saying he appeared to be “out of control” and “repeating himself.”

“I get that you guys are all in — I get that, Alex,” Wilson told Breitbart editor Marlow on CNN. “I get that you guys are all in on Trump. Alex, I get it. I get that you guys are all in on Trump. I get it. I understand that — I understand that.”

On Monday morning, Twitter turned into third world warfare.

The Fighters: Wilson and Breitbart News editor John Nolte are engaging in Twitter warfare. RedState‘s Erick Erickson and Breitbart News Texas Bureau Chief Brandon Darby also jumped into the fray.

WILSON: “I seriously could not give less of a fuck what you say about me, or how you try to go after my clients, but the fact that you stoked your readers to the point where they threaten my children would make people with a moral center pause and reflect.”

WILSON: “People who know me in person, and there are quite a few of them, understand the consequences of bringing threats down on my kids.”

NOLTE: One of your fans just threatened to chainsaw my whole family! Unblock me so we can discuss this!!!

WILSON: What, @noltenc? No witty rejoinder for your readers making rape threats on my daughter? I’ll take your silence as assent to their views.

WILSON: “We got our feels hurt by Rick Wilson cuz he called us ‘low information’ …so we’ll make racist rape threats.”

NOLTE: I get these threats every single day. Every. Single. Day.

ERICKSON: They wanted to rape my daughter too, and my son, and inject me with pancreatic cancer. Delightful people.

NOLTE: Every single day I get these threats. As a conservative, I blame them on the people who make them.

NOLTE: Rick Wilson attacks Trump voters as stupid. Breitbart reports this. Wilson blames us for threat, cuz a daffodil’s gunna daffodil.

NOLTE: What kind of lowlife uses a threat of rape against his daughter to attack his political enemies?

WILSON: Exactly the kind of repulsive, morally empty response I would expect.

NOLTE: Ist thing Rick Wilson thinks when someone threatens to rape his daughter? How can is use this as leverage against Breitbart. #Depraved.

NOLTE: Until Rick Wilson, I’ve never seen anyone, incl. Leftists, use a threat of rape against their child as a debate tactic. #Soulless

NOLTE: I didn’t start it. I never start it. And while I don’t know him personally, I very much like and respect Erick.

BRANDON DARBY: Love both of you, but I call BS. Not site’s fault that an evil person visits. Come on.

The Winner: No one. No one wins when a child is threatened with rape and an entire family is threatened with a chainsaw. But if there has to be winner, it’s Brandon Darby, who expressed love for both Wilson and Nolte despite all the vitriol.