White House: A Biden Candidacy Won’t End Well [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN’s Jim Acosta is reporting that “there are worries inside the White House that a Biden candidacy won’t end well.”

Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta of CNN appeared on “The Lead” Monday and reported that a“well-placed Democratic source said there are concerns a Biden candidacy would end badly damaging his image as an elder statesman.”

CNN’s source indicated that, “I’m not getting any sense of a Joe Biden caucus inside the White House.” The report indicated that “Many top Democrats say Clinton remains the party’s best hope for protecting and expanding President Obama’s legacy.”

Furthermore, Acosta indicated that “Biden’s decision is expected at the end of the summer, adding don’t think August, think late September. If Biden runs, it would be a huge dilemma for the president after appointing a team of rivals, he may have to choose between two of them.”