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“No cursing on my feed. Everyone gets one warning then is blocked.”

Newsweek‘s blustery and ridiculous Kurt Eichenwald. Actually it’s not one warning. It’s more like four and you have to repeatedly swear at him until he honors his own self-imposed, uptight Twitter rules.

I couldn’t agree more…

“Sex twitter is the worst twitter!” — Silvia Killingsworth, managing editor, The New Yorker.

Translation: WaPo reporter is sweating his ass off 

“Can someone please invent an air-conditioned suit for me to wear in the summer in DC? Thanks.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

Susan Davis leaves USA Today for NPR

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Back to Eichenwald…

He is a giant baby. And he has strict rules for his Twitter feed. And they are as follows: He can say any ridiculous thing he wants. But the second you curse, you get one warning and then you’re blocked. Needless to say, I was BEGGING him to block me on Monday. And finally — thank God — with enough f-bombs, he did.

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Journo answers important question: Why is he so fat? 

John Podhoretz (affectionately and sometimes not affectionately referred to as “Podwhore” is the editor of Commentary Mag).  

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Jim Newell moves from Salon to Slate

“So I got a new job. I’ll be covering the election (and other politics things) for Slate starting August 31.” — Jim Newell.  Guardian columnist Jeb Lund remarked, “Just realized you could have announced this with ‘Salon gets dumber by 25%.'” Jezebel‘s Natasha Vargas-Cooper was unfazed. “Cool, I guess, whatever,” she wrote.

Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi gets a new fancy title 

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Kara Rowland talks cats…

“If only cat hair were gold.” — FNC producer Kara Rowland.

A Happy Belated Birthday to…

HuffPost‘s Elise Foley…who had this to say on her birthday Monday: “Not sure whether I should feel old or young for being unable to figure out something on my grandma’s flip phone.”