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Biden Snags Crucial Jack Markell Endorsement

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The number one question on America’s lips: “When is Joe Biden bringing his dazzling smile and easygoing charm to Election 2016?” And following close behind that question, of course: “Which way will Jack Markell land?”

Nick Gass, Politico:

Though he has not made any announcement about joining the Democratic presidential field, Vice President Joe Biden appears to already have the support of his home-state governor: Delaware’s Jack Markell.

According to a report from The News Journal, Markell said Monday that the vice president has “a lifetime of advocacy on behalf of the middle class and unbelievable experience, knowledge and insight into foreign policy…”

“When he’s ready to make that decision, there will be a lot of people interested to hear what decision he makes,” Markell told the paper. “But otherwise what I think, what anybody else thinks is not really relevant. But I’d absolutely support him.”

Draft Biden, a Chicago-based group that has been trying to get Biden into the race, has ramped up its efforts of late.

Draft Biden? Count me in!


Why Joe? They’re glad you asked!

Whether it’s the issues we face today, or the challenges going forward, we believe there could be no stronger candidate in the race to lead us than Vice President Joe Biden. From his powerful role in the Obama administration to his years as a Senator from Delaware. But, before he can lead, we need to stand behind him.

If you want to get added to their mailing list sign the petition to somehow convince him to run, click here.

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