Mark Halperin: ‘There Are Obviously Backups’ of Hillary Clinton’s Server [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Mark Halperin, managing editor for “Bloomberg Politics,” stated that “of course, there were back-ups” of Hillary’s email server.

Halperin, appearing on “Morning Joe” Tuesday articulated the point, “there came a time, not that long ago when she said she decided that the euphemism was ‘I decided not to keep them,’ but at some point someone must have been ordered to get rid of them. What was that order? How much did she say, ‘I want these deleted to the point they can never be recovered’ or did she simply say ‘delete them?'”

Halperin later said, “again, there are obviously backups, I think that goes without saying. The question are how many and can those back-ups be obtained and recovered?”

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