Clinton Comms Director Doesn’t Think Questions About Wiping Hillary’s Server Are ‘Legitimate’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Communications director Jen Palmieri said Wednesday that her candidate Hillary Clinton is “nearing the end of legitimate questions for her to answer” about the private email server she used as secretary of state.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Wednesday, Palmieri stated that questions about Clinton’s proper handling of classified information do not affect voters’ lives.

Palmieri indicated that voters in New Hampshire and Iowa have never asked Hillary about the server saying, “People are asking her questions that affect their lives.”

Luke Russert: I’ve got to ask you, a lot of Democrats are privately saying that press conference did not go well. Are you guys prepared to deal with this email issue for the next 6 to 15 months? It doesn’t seem to be going away.

Jen Palmieri: Well, I think it’s worth repeating what Hillary said when she was walking away from the press conference, which is the press have a lot of questions about, about emails, but voters don’t. And voters have in her time in New Hampshire and Iowa and doing a lot of town halls, she’s actually never gotten one question about it. People are asking her questions that affect their lives. But we think that in August there’s a lot of press interest in this, and we want to do a lot of educating. We’re spending a lot of time talking to our supporters, making sure that they understand the really important facts here, because it is a confusing issue that using a personal email account was allowed, that nothing she sent or received was marked classified, that the process that’s going on now about classification is only because emails are being made public and other departments other than State are getting involved to look at it. So we are happy, she is happy to either go and stand before the press, and she does that pretty much every day that she’s out and take all the questions. And I think when you get to the point where you’re answering questions about wiping servers, that you’re nearing the end of legitimate questions for her to answer. And, but we know that we’ll turn the page in September. We’ll get back to — she’s got big plans for talking about the economy in there.

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