Menendez: This Is Not About Supporting The President, This Is About National Security [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez stated that if the Iranian deal is passed, and Iran does not comply with it, America will be “in a weaker position.”

Menendez appeared on “Morning Joe” Wednesday, stating, “On this question, this is more than about supporting or opposing the president. This is one of the most significant national security nuclear nonproliferation agreements we have had in some time. And I just feel that the agreement falls far short from what our stated goals were.

Menendez also said the deal will end up “preserving Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, not diminishing it, and its pathway towards a nuclear weapon is more guaranteed as a result of it at a time of their choosing.”

Menendez was asked later about President Obama’s rhetoric suggesting those who oppose the deal are actually making common cause with the Iranian hard liners chanting death to America.

“Well look, that’s unfortunate rhetoric to be very honest with you. As someone who has supported the president 98 percent of the time, as someone who helped him when I was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee get to the Benghazi tragedy, get him an authorization for the use of military force to stop Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its people, to promote his ambassadors and so much more, I think it’s wrong to simply say that proposition, number one, to say that those who have serious questions or oppose the deal like those who voted for the war in Iraq, well, I did not vote for the wart in Iraq,” Menendez said.

“It was an unpopular vote but the right one. And secondly, I think that we can have considered judgment and disagreement. I don’t see this as a no brainer. I see this as a tough call in terms of what we will be left ahead. Because the question is not whether or not this deal, if performed would have some value. It would. The problem is if the deal is not performed, which is as aspirational, what position does that put us in then? And I think it puts us in a weaker position,” he concluded.

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