Trump: ‘I Am A Job Producing Machine’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump blasted his fellow presidential candidates Wednesday by saying, “they have never created a job before” during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo: So you come on last week, and you say, “I don’t have to talk about what I do with women, I can show what i do with women, we hire them, we put them in positions of excellence and pay them often better than male counterparts if their work warrants it.

Donald Trump: Better.

Cuomo: Your office then comes and provide us with proof of performance. Here are the jobs. It happens. A private company, we don’t want to out the people. You will say if I want to….

Trump: They would be willing to.

Cuomo: That’s right, I will sign an NDA, a nondisclosure. So that goes out, you issue challenge to the other candidates. The media kind of dismisses it, what is your take on why?

Trump: Well, for the most part, the other candidates have never hired anybody. I have thousands of people that work for me. I have had tens of thousand of people. I’ve created tens of thousand of jobs that means, I’ve paid for education, I’ve paid for healthcare, far better than Obamacare. I take great care of my people. I have a great company as you probably noticed when I did my filings. So I am very proud of my company. The problem with the other candidates you know they might have nobody working for them. They’ve never created a job before. That’s all I do. I am a job producing machine.

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