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CNN: Family Member Of Shaun King Says Both Of His Parents Are White

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Black Lives Matter activists get really angry when someone opines that all lives matter. You’re not supposed to say that. It’s racist, and saying it makes you a racist. How dare you say that any life that isn’t black is important? The message, whether it’s intentional or not, is that the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t care about anybody else’s lives.

So, when it turns out that a BLM activist who spends his whole life blaming white people for everything is actually a white dude himself, it’s worth a look.

Yesterday, Milo Yiannopoulos presented evidence that race hustler Shaun King is as white as a case of mayonnaise in a snowbank. And everybody went crazy.

Well, facts matter, no matter what color you are. Alex Griswold, Mediaite:

During a segment on #BlackLivesMatters activist Shaun King and the allegation he isn’t black at all, CNN host Don Lemon revealed that he had spoken to a family member of King’s who confirmed he was white.

Here are the tweets Areva Martin mentioned. This is how Shaun King has responded, and after this, he expects everybody to drop it. Strap in, and pay attention to what he doesn’t say:

Whew. That sure was a long way to go, just to say: “I can neither confirm nor deny that both of my biological parents are white honky cracka-ass crackas.”

Incredibly, some of his supporters are insisting that it doesn’t matter. When a white cop shoots a black criminal, they blame it on racism. Yet when you point out that a prominent voice of Black Lives Matter anger has a closet full of Dockers and Celine Dion CDs, they turn right around and claim that race doesn’t matter. It’s just a social construct. If that’s the case, then why is the movement called Black Lives Matter?

Identity politics is a lucrative business. Shaun King has made a career out of his identity, so it’s perfectly valid to ask how authentic it really is. So far, all he’s done is deflect the question, impugn the motives of his critics, throw out a bunch of wild counter-accusations, and cast himself as a victim. Y’know, the usual tactics.

I mean, how is anybody a “white supremacist” for pointing out that this dude isn’t actually black? What, those crazy white racists are showing their hate by… welcoming him to the fold?

But hey, if you want to keep on believing that Shaun King is who and what he says he is, go right ahead. There’s one born every minute.