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Quote of the Day:

“Fact: getting a lady Uber driver is very good luck.”

— Actress Lena Dunham, author of the frightening memoir Not That Kind of Girl.

Journo wants people to SHUT UP about Andrew Breitbart hypotheticals 

“People need to shut the fuck up about how they knew Andrew Breitbart and what he would have wanted or how he would have covered this or that. We will never know how the events of 2012 to now would have changed his views because he is dead.” — GotNews‘ Editor-in-Chief Charles Johnson.

On Shaun King’s whiteness…

“In the case of @ShaunKing I have now spoken to one family member and two childhood friends. All of them say the same: he is white.” — Breitbart NewsMilo Yiannopoulos.

Ashley Madison hack fallout 

“I called one divorce law firm and the secretary told me all the lawyers were busy with new clients calling after the release of all the Ashley Madison data.” — Alexander Kaufman, business editor, HuffPost.

NYT columnist accidentally uses Desitin instead of toothpaste

“After a sleep-deprived night with our baby I went to brush my teeth and grabbed a tube of Desitin (diaper rash cream) instead of toothpaste.” — Nick Bilton, NYT.

Bill Press’s producer’s son makes a toast sandwich 

“Magnus made a toast sandwich. A piece of toast between two soft pieces of bread.” — Peter Ogburn, executive producer, Bill Press Show. 

One to watch: President Carter’s presser 

“If not watching Pres Carter conf now, please find a way to watch it later. Enormously impressive in personal, intellectual, emotional terms.” — The Atlantic‘s James Fallows.


“So I guess the nausea is back? Ugh. Not feeling so hot this week.” — Ericka Anderson, blogger, handles digital media for NationalReviewOnline.

Presidential banter 

“A dude I met this week told me he thought Hillary was ‘scheming’ in the same breath he declared his support for Trump.” — Jezebel Managing Editor Erin Gloria Ryan.

Inappropriateness at a glance…

“How many points would Trump’s poll numbers go up if he made fun of Jimmy Carter’s brain right now.” — Dan Amira, Daily Show writer.

Montel’s press secretary is headed to the Pacific Northwest

“5 hrs till landing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.” — Jonathan Franks, publicist to Montel Williams, a Twitter activist and press whore who recently made an absurd accusation against The Daily Caller. My co-worker refers to him as an ex-shyster.

From the trail…

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