Planned Parenthood Deals Taxpayer-Funded Death, While Grassroots Organizations Provide Real Help To Women


Peggy Hartshorn President, Heartbeat International
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Yesterday, a new horror was revealed: America’s taxpayer-funded abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, harvests organs from babies that are born alive, their hearts beating as they are dissected.

This evil practice goes beyond accusations that Planned Parenthood is conducting partial-birth abortions, or harvesting fetal tissue illegally. Now we know that Planned Parenthood is engaging in an act that is murder in all 50 states — and reminiscent of Kermit Gosnell, whose House of Horrors shocked the nation.

Five states have defunded America’s abortion giant in recent weeks, and Congress is investigating its practices. Yet, at the White House, President Obama hypocritically condemned ritual harvesting by Africans even as his administration admits it is using Planned Parenthood’s talking points in its own statements, and threatened spurious lawsuits against states that dare to defund Planned Parenthood.

Under the increasingly transparent veneers of “women’s health” and “reproductive healthcare,” the administration’s Department of Health and Human Services appears poised to do whatever it takes to bring the President’s 2012 prophecy, “God bless” Planned Parenthood, to fruition.

But there is a better path to serving women. It is one that does not involve slaughtering the unborn and harming women. And it flies in the face of the oft-repeated lie that to end taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood is to rob women of access to medical services and contraception.

That path is one offered by pro-life pregnancy help centers — more than 2,500 across America, outnumbering abortion clinics more than three to one. These life-affirming nonprofits rely almost exclusively on local, grassroots funding to provide true care to women and their unborn children. Housing, education, pre-natal care, counseling, and adoption services are provided each day to women by thousands of full-time and volunteer workers whose goal is to preserve life.

As more videos make clear the horrors of abortion and the evils of the abortion industry, the pro-life antidote for Planned Parenthood — which promotes true “reproductive healthcare” and “women’s health” without death and destruction — is thriving without depending upon the government dole.

It is shocking and disappointing that President Obama and many other politicians have committed themselves to such a radical support for the abortion industry’s agenda. In a reprehensible and un-American nanny-state mentality, these elected officials pretend that abortion is not only a valid method of women’s progress, but the only way forward for women — and one that requires taxpayer funding of more than half-a-billion dollars per year.

Unlike Planned Parenthood, which wants more of your tax dollars to fund its immoral and illegal activities, pregnancy help organizations are there because local communities recognize their value and support their life-saving mission.

It is time for the U.S. and state governments to start trusting their people when it comes to funding “reproductive health,” and it is long past time for the White House to ask God’s blessing on the people it represents — even if it means cutting funding to the people-killing machine known as Planned Parenthood.

Margaret H. (Peggy) Hartshorn, Ph.D., has served as President of Heartbeat International since 1993, guiding the organization as it has grown into the largest, most expansive network of pregnancy help in the world, with nearly 2,000 locations on every inhabited continent.