Teen Mom Goes Topless On Twitter [PHOTO]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Farrah Abraham posted a topless photo on Twitter Wednesday to celebrate getting a new purse.

In the photo, the “Teen Mom” reality star unwraps a new Louis Vuitton purse while sitting on her bed and covers her chest with nothing but a small rectangular piece of cardstock.


But Abraham infuriated a lot of her followers by adding that she was “self made.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Abraham’s notoriety, she became famous after she made a sex tape in 2012, wrote an erotic novel, and later modeled sex toys after her, um, private parts.

“Self-made? You got pregnant as a child & were lucky enough to catch the attention of MTV for it. Not the definition of self-made.”

“I can only imagine how awkward the parent-teacher conferences are with your daughter’s teachers.”

“You were a 16 with a kid and you had nothing then you decided to have sex for money.”

“Hmmm I don’t think we have the same dictionary. Just saying.” (RELATED: ‘Teen Mom’ Gives Six-Year-Old Daughter $600 For Losing Two Teeth)