Trump Doesn’t Think Kids Busted For Marijuana Should Go To Jail [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump doesn’t think that kids busted for marijuana should go to jail, and that instead “the dealers have to be looked at very strongly.”

Trump, appearing on “Morning Joe,” Thursday stated that “in terms of the violent offenses, we have to get a lot tougher” as exemplified in places like Baltimore and Chicago.

Joe Scarborough: Let me, let me ask you a question, Donald. It’s strange. You actually have liberals and libertarians coming together over criminal justice reform. And a lot of people on the right and left think it doesn’t make sense that we have so many nonviolent offenders in prison, and we spend $80 billion a year just in incarcerating Americans. We spend four time the amount keeping people in jail than we do on educating Americans. Have you been following the talk about criminal justice reform?

Donald Trump: I have.

Scarborough: And do you think we need to stop putting so many nonviolent offenders in jail and paying $80 billion a year?

Trump: Well, I have to say this, in terms of our cities and in terms of the violent offenses, we have to get a lot tougher. Because if look at what’s going on in Baltimore and places like Chicago, where we have great people, and you know, I know the chief of police, and these are fantastic people. They have to be allowed to do their job. And if they do their job, if they’re allowed to do their job the way they know how to do it, they’ll stop the onslaught of crime that we have in this country.

Scarborough: So that’s for violent offenders. What about nonviolent crimes?

Trump: It depends, it depends.

Scarborough: What about like marijuana? Should a kid be thrown in jail because he gets busted for marijuana?

Trump: I don’t really think so. And I think that maybe the dealers have to be looked at very strongly. But then you have states all of a sudden legalizing it. So it’s sort of hard to say that you’re in one side of the border and you go to jail and you’re on the other side and can you go into a store and buy it. So there is going to be changes made there, Joe, and there has to be. But you just can’t. So when you mention the marijuana, that is a very tough subject nowadays, especially since it’s been legalized.

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