Capitalism-Hating Marxist Professor Rakes In $170,000 Per Year At U. Wisconsin

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One of the leading lights of Marxism on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison brings home a sweet salary of $170,000 per year.

The well-heeled sociology professor is Erik Olin Wright, according to

The tenured, capitalism-hating professor’s annual salary of $170,000 is $117,587 greater than the household income of a typical Wisconsin family and is in the top 2 percent of all Americans.

Whil an average middle-class family in Wisconsin survives on $4,368 per month, the Marxist professor enjoys a cushy monthly income of $14,166.

He will teach exactly two courses in the fall semester for this princely sum, according to his festively colorful webpage.

Wright, who grew up in Berkeley, Calif., has spent more than three decades at the taxpayer-funded University of Wisconsin.

He is the longtime director of the University of Wisconsin’s Havens Center, a radical hotbed of social justice that promotes far-left activism and labor unrest.

The “cosmopolitan” Marxist is “one of the most prominent sociologists on the planet,” according to the American Sociological Association.

The American Sociological Association also touts Wright’s involvement in 2011 “among the thousands of Madison citizens in their 17-day occupation of the capitol building, protesting Governor Walker’s offensive against public sector unions and state spending, and lining up with hundreds of others to give testimony that would prolong the encampment.” (RELATED: Communists, Socialists Rallying Support Behind Madison Protests)

That protest failed dramatically.

In a New Left Project interview in 2012, Wright praised the Occupy movement as part of a “global wave of protests,” which reflects “a crisis in the political model of liberal democracy.” “Capitalism is a central part of the problem, so of course ultimately it is necessary to be anti-capitalist,” the $170,000-a-year Marxist also proclaimed.

“Capitalism blocks the possibility of achieving a radically egalitarian distribution of the material conditions of life,” the dedicated Marxist professor has written, in italics of course, in his book Approaches to Class Analysis.

In another book — this one purporting to explain the way America really works — Wright laments America’s low taxes, “urban sprawl” and abundance of male professors such as himself. He criticized the United States for its focus on “the excessive emphasis on using resources” privately. The $170,000 professor said that Americans are “preoccupied with income, wealth and material consumption.”

On his Facebook page, Wright’s likes include United Airlines, a company defined by Facebook as “travel/leisure” which reported a $1.2 billion quarterly profit in July.

“Since the early 1970s, my intellectual life has been firmly rooted in the Marxist tradition,” Wright has also written, according to EAGnews.

The Marxist professor has required students in his courses to watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary which follows Al Gore around as he jets to several places to sound the alarm about global warming, EAG further notes.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison sociology department is a hotbed of affluent professors who don’t want other Americans to be wealthy like they are.

Last month, for example, Wisconsin sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Sara Goldrick-Rab used her Twitter account to explain how Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker strongly resembles Adolf Hitler because Walker advocated a state budget repealing state tenure guarantees and slashing higher-education spending. (RELATED: Taxpayer-Funded Professor: ‘Terrifying’ ‘Similarities’ Between Scott Walker And HITLER)

A few weeks earlier, Goldrick-Rab decided it would be a good idea to troll recently-graduated high school students roughly half her age who were preparing to enroll at the flagship school. She warned that she and a bunch of other professors would all quit their jobs if the state legislature passed a law concerning tenure. (RELATED: HERE ARE THE TWEETS The Wisconsin Professor Sent To Random Freshmen After Comparing Scott Walker To Hitler)

The law passed. Strangely, Goldrick-Rab has not quit.

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