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Lions Are Not Our Friends

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I was unaware of the following story earlier today when I educated you about the nature of, well, nature. But it only proves my point.

Jason Silverstein, NYDN:

A heroic safari guide at Hwange National Park sacrificed himself to save his guests from a lion attack Monday morning, officials said.

Quinn Swales, 40, was leading six tourists through a walking tour when he decided to track a pride with two cubs and two males, officials said. One of males, named Nxaha, “walked purposefully” toward the group, but Swales and his guests scared him off, the park said in a statement.

But moments later, the lion “suddenly turned and instantaneously charged” at Quinn, attacking him as he stood in front of the tourists to protect them, officials said. He died at the scene, and all of the tourists emerged unscathed.

I hate to say I told you so, except when I’m exactly right. As I said weeks ago:

Lions are not your friends. They do not sing Elton John songs. They’re wild animals. If a lion was in the room with you right now and it was hungry, it would kill you and eat you. Not because it’s evil or bad, but because it’s a predator. It doesn’t care how many hashtags you create to weep about one of its dead brothers. To a lion, you are #food.

Do you believe it yet?

If Quinn Swales had killed that lion, right now some idiots would be doxxing him and spray-painting his garage. But he didn’t, so he’s dead. He sacrificed his own life to protect his charges.

And Jimmy Kimmel won’t shed a tear.