James Carville Denies Hillary Is At Fault For Her Actions Regarding Her Private Email Scandal [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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James Carville denied Wednesday that Hillary Clinton has any responsibility for the anger and anxiety many Americans feel due to her actions regarding the scandal surrounding her private email server.

Carville, appearing on “Morning Joe,” stated, “we’re going to have to, you know, beat our drums about it for a little bit longer before the thing goes away like everything else.”

Mika Brzezinski: Mary or James, anger and anxiety that has been going on for decades. I’ll use your words, do you think that, that Hillary Clinton has any role in that?

James Carville: In what?

Brzezinski: Well, in the anger and the anxiety that people are feeling because of the constant scandal after scandal and the unanswered questions about the e-mails. I know you call it a “hill of beans.”

Carville: What? I would say it’s constant non-scandal after non-scandal. That’s the difference between what I would describe — It is trumped up, go from one thing to another and people…

Mary Matalin: No pun intended.

Carville: Right. No. So I remember one thing and another and this will be in the rearview mirror anyway. People have pointed out, at the end of the day, there is nothing here either.

Joe Scarborough: The FBI?

Matalin: Nothing to see here, people. Nothing to see here!

Carville: What about Whitewater and everything else? It’s just — everybody has got — you know, we have got to do something. We got to have something to say about Hillary Clinton. If it just goes through this, I think the public, if anything, is going to get tired of this constant bringing up these — what I would call non-scandals of same thing that Colin Powell and Jeb Bush and the Bush White House did. But we’re going to have to, you know, beat our drums about it for a little bit longer before the thing goes away like everything else.

Matalin: Okay. Let me ask him a question, people. I’ve been on your side of the mic. What happens if Joe Biden gets in?

Carville: He gets in the race. Look, you know, I said it before, if somebody runs for president once, he’ll likely do it again. He’s run twice. The presidency is a very high position. It’s never easy. It’s always tough. It will be tough in 2016. It will be tough on our side and tough on your side.

Matalin: My point would be this, friends, that the focus has been on the fracturing and the division of the Republican Party, which is fair, but let’s look at the Democratic Party, which I think is, again, a reflection of the country saying ‘Please, somebody step up and do what you say you’re going to do.’

Scarborough: Amen.

Carville: I think the Republicans are much more divided than we are. The major difference between Trump and John Kasich is much broader than any differences within the Democratic Party.

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