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StemExpress And Planned Parenthood Make Lots Of Money Selling Aborted Babies

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A month ago, a Los Angeles court put out a temporary restraining order to prevent the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any undercover video from their investigation of a “medical procurement” company called StemExpress. This week that order was lifted, and CMP just put out the video. I don’t know about you, but I want to see what StemExpress is so worried about.

Rachel Stoltzfoos:

The CEO of a company that purchases aborted fetuses and distributes the parts to researchers says abortion clinics and buyers should and do profit from the exchange, in new undercover footage released Tuesday by The Center for Medical Progress.

“We’re going into it knowing that it has to be financially beneficial for you,” an undercover actor posing as a fetal tissue buyer tells StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer in the video.

“Yeah,” Dyer agrees. “Yeah, and both of us for sure.”

Here’s the video. There’s none of the graphic footage we’ve seen in the previous CMP exposés, but it should still be stomach-churning to anyone who actually values human life.

“Thanks for picking up the check, that’s sweet of you. Now, as I was saying about the humorous aspects of selling baby heads…”

Can you believe those silly doctors, killing a baby and then trying to pass off a blood clot as a human liver? Oh, the wacky hijinks and lighthearted fun of the dead-baby business.

Sounds like a nice racket: Planned Parenthood kills the babies, and then StemExpress sells them. Or at least that was the case until two weeks ago, when StemExpress cut ties with PP for some reason. So much for being “champions.” It’s a lot easier to be “in the cause” when nobody knows what you’re doing.

This is the eighth Planned Parenthood video, and reportedly there are more to come. You can find them all by clicking here. Watching them is like visiting a Holocaust museum. It’s not pleasant and it’s not fun, but millions of people died and someone needs to bear witness. This cannot be forgotten.