Sting Video Group Releases Footage From Inside Clinton Campaign [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Conservative muckraker James O’Keefe has released an undercover video he says shows Hillary Clinton campaign workers in Iowa skirting election laws by purposely avoiding registering voters who don’t support the Democratic front-runner.

The release of the video comes days after the Clinton campaign notified its staffers that undercover operatives working for O’Keefe’s company, Project Veritas, were trying to film the campaign in compromising positions.

The video shows a Project Veritas operative filming a conversation in which a paid Hillary for America campaign staffer discusses strategy for registering voters. The staffer indicated that she wanted to avoid registering voters who were not Clinton supporters.

“We don’t want to make our focus voter registration,” the staffer explained.

“If you open up a conversation as like, ‘Hey, are you registered to vote?’ And they’re, like, ‘no,’ and they want to register, you have to register them,” she continued.

“And so that’s why I want to keep our primary focus on, ‘Hey, are you a Hillary supporter?’ And then if not, then great, move on, you know?” the staffer added.

The Project Veritas video then shows the process in action.

“Do you guys plan on supporting [Clinton] this coming year?” a male volunteer asks two women.

When one says she is supporting Bernie Sanders, the volunteer says “another Bernie Sanders curse” and hands the pair campaign fliers and walks away.

O’Keefe cites Iowa election law, which states that a “person commits the crime of election misconduct in the first degree if the person willfully…deprives, defrauds, or attempts to deprive of defraud the citizens of this state of a fair and impartially conducted election process.”

It is unclear — and unlikely — that the Clinton campaign’s strategy violated the law.

O’Keefe states in the video that “this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“In fact, stay tuned, Hillary, because we’re shortly going to release a stunning story of election malfeasance at the highest levels of your campaign,” he says, adding, “Check your email.”

On Friday, TIME reported that the Clinton camp was on high alert for Project Veritas operatives. And on Tuesday, the campaign released emails to Buzzfeed that purported to show that the operatives accidentally attached information which identified them as such.

O’Keefe gained national fame for an undercover sting that brought down ACORN. Last year, he filmed himself crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the U.S. while dressed up as Osama bin Laden. That incident, which was meant to show how porous the southern border is, landed O’Keefe on a watch list maintained by the Department of Homeland Security.


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