Trump Compares Selling Baby Parts To ‘Selling Parts To An Automobile’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump blasted Planned Parenthood Wednesday, comparing it to an “abortion factory” where selling baby parts is like “selling parts to an automobile.”

Appearing on the “Laura Ingraham Show,” Trump stated that Planned Parenthood should be “defund anyway because they are doing the abortions.”

Laura Ingraham: Yesterday, Planned Parenthood was exposed again in an eighth video released by the Center for Medical Progress. Do you still believe there are two Planned Parenthoods or is it time to defund this organization?

Donald Trump: Well, you should defund anyway because they are doing the abortions. It is like an abortion factory, which is terrible. So you should defund anyway. But those videos are horrible. Every time you see them, they get worse and worse. And it’s not only that, the messengers are so bad. There always, I mean these people, what they say and the way they, it’s like you are selling parts to an automobile or something. It’s a terrible situation going on with Planned Parenthood. There’s no question about it.

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