CNN Guest: Trump Is An ‘Abusive Boyfriend’ Who Is ‘Dangerous’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Political consultant Mindy Finn likened Donald Trump to an abusive boyfriend who will “punch you in the eye.”

Finn, appearing on “CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello” Thursday insisted Trump is “an allure, he’s filling kind of a need and a void,” but he is ultimately “dangerous.”

Carol Costello: Okay. so, Mindy, I’m curious about something. Mitt Romney raised a lot of money, too, but he was just a bad candidate. Is it possible Jeb Bush is just a bad candidate?

Mindy Finn: Well, I think it’s too early to tell. I mean, look, Donald is beating the field by a wide margin so the story here is really, is really Donald. It started out as amusing and now it definitely has to be taken seriously. I agree with what Carly Fiorina said yesterday, and that The Donald is a wake-up call. He’s a wake-up call to not only the Republican Party, but the entire country needs to take seriously. I think at this point though actually he’s dangerous and anybody who is still kind of looking at it and thinking it will just ride it out and it’s kind of amusing, it’s time to take a closer look.

Costello: So why do you say, Mindy, he’s dangerous, his candidacy is dangerous?

Finn: He’s a bully. I mean Carol, this morning I dropped off my 3-year-old for first day of school and I thought about what are my hopes and dreams for him as he goes through his school life? What are the lessons that I want to teach him? You know, we all look to our kids and we want them to be a leaders. It’s not be a bully, name call, think of women as bimbos and dogs. You know, it’s not — I actually kind of look at The Donald a bit like an abusive boyfriend. There’s an allure, he’s filling kind of a need and a void and people are attracted to him but ultimately he’s a bully. And he’s going to punch you in the eye.

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