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Mirror Hate Mail: Readers Accuse Me Of Being An ‘A**’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Readers “Bob and Mary” let me have it Wednesday after I wrote my critique on National Journal serial tweeter Ron Fournier saying that “It’s a reporter’s job to be an ass.”

He was referring to Univision’s Jorge Ramos, who resembled a ranting homeless person at Donald Trump‘s press conference in Iowa.

I pointed out that reporters choose to be an ass, but it’s not a requirement. I also said that Fournier should speak for himself and not all journalists.

Well “Bob and Mary” didn’t like that too much. (Please note: I am not correcting their lack of capitalizations.)

“It’s really not a reporter’s “job” to be an “ass.” It’s a choice to be an ass”.

if that’s true than you, ms. rothstein, have chosen to be an ass countless times. one need only look at your past “stories” for fishbowldc.

i am not defending mr. ramos, i think he was rude; but for you to take him to task for it and to complain about mr. fournier’s defense of him is the most blatant example of pot meeting kettle than i have seen in many years. your chutzpah is extraordinary.

— Bob and Mary

Dear Bob and Mary, 

Or whoever the hell you two are. I actually am not an ass much of the time. What’s more: Jorge Ramos totally behaved like a person who needs a mental hospital yesterday. And Trump had every right to put him in his place. I speak my mind. I write candidly. Don’t like it don’t read it.


This is when Bob informed me that I am not Edward R. Murrow.

Dear betsy, or who ever the hell you are. to be honest, i had never heard of you until i read this latest nonsense that you try to pass off as journalism. i then did my due diligence and read some of the other claptrap you wrote. edward r. murrow you ain’t. but have no fear, when the your style of “journalism” goes out of fashion you can always join the cast of dancing with the stars or the real housewives of…

i too speak my mind and write candidly and if you don’t like it don’t respond.


Thanks Bob for writing in. I really appreciated reading your nonsense.