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Bloomberg Continues Sugar High Amid Layoffs

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

Bloomberg Government has balls, we’ll give them that.

Earlier this week, the company announced they were headed to Dupont Circle in a “Goodies” truck to offer treats to readers. The company declined to comment on how such an act might look insensitive amid a recent report of some 100 editorial employees in the Washington and New York bureaus.

On Thursday they were at it again — this time rolling the “Goodies” truck around Capitol Hill.

How kind of them.

Since Bloomberg wouldn’t answer my questions, The Mirror priced out the potential cost of such a goody truck. The range is 2K to 10K a pop depending on how many people they feed and how long the trough lasts.

Incidentally, the photograph the company uses on its feed includes a sign that reads, “The Sweet Taste Of Opportunity.”

This would be delicious if it weren’t so ridiculous.

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