Report: FBI’s ‘A-Team’ Is Conducting ‘Serious’ Investigation Of Hillary’s Server

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A top squad of investigators at the FBI characterized as the agency’s “A-team” is conducting what one intelligence source tells Fox News is an “extremely serious” investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

The investigation centers on a section of the Espionage Act that focuses on the “gathering, transmitting or losing defense information,” according to Fox.

The FBI took control of Clinton’s server earlier this month after the Intelligence Community Inspector General found two emails it determined contained “top secret” information at the time they were sent. Dozens of other emails that Clinton both sent and received contains information that has since been determined to be “confidential,” the lowest classification category.

According to a second Fox source, FBI’s investigators are looking into whether Clinton should have known by looking at the information whether it was classified, regardless of whether it was marked as such.

Clinton has offered an evolving explanation about her use of a personal email account and a private server as secretary of state. When the story first broke in March, she maintained that she did not send or receive classified information. She has recently modified that claim, saying that the information was not marked as classified when she received it.

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