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Vet TEARS APART Iran Deal: Obama Is ‘Selling Out The Country’ [VIDEO]

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Recalling the Iranian bomb that cut through his armored vehicle in Iraq in 2005, “my scars are the direct result of Iran,” says Sgt. Robert Bartlett.

His face was ripped from the temple to the jaw and his gunner’s legs were blown off. He had more than 40 procedures done and he died three times, only to live to speak today.

Bartlett is featured in a powerful, viral ad against the Iran deal sponsored by Vets Against the Deal. Sgt. Bartlett is appearing on many networks about the Iranian deal now. He will be speaking at the September 9 rally at which Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz and many others will speak.

In this 15 minute exclusive video interview, Bartlett says, “People want to kill us just because we are Americans. I’m the proof of that reality. The lie that we are safe, or don’t need protection from Iran, is a lie.”

“Iran chants in their streets every day, ‘Death to America.’ They are burning the American flag outside their doors. They’re teaching it in their schools. That’s what they want. They want us dead. They don’t want us protecting the world anymore.”

Admitting that he has no idea why President Obama and John Kerry made such a deal, Bartlett admits to making mistakes himself, but “this is the mistake of a lifetime. Their kids won’t survive this mistake.”

Wondering whether they just want a legacy, Bartlett asks, “Do you want your name on it if it kills the country?”

“They are selling out America. The blood that I gave, the scars that I have and my buddy’s death means nothing. We protected them from these people — now they will pay those same people? It makes no sense.”

Asked why he agreed to be featured in this new ad, Bartlett answers, “I swore a long time ago I’d do anything I could for this country. When I got blown up by an Iranian bomb, it took me out of my uniform. The damage is too much.”

Referring to this ad and his public appearances, “God has given me a chance to defend my country again, and it just by using my voice. I’m keeping my promise to my buddy who didn’t get to come home because of the Iranian bomb.”

Giving Iran, the perpetrators of terror he experienced firsthand, $150 billion of American money clearly grates on the soldier’s wounds. Translated to the value of money here, Bartlett says this is giving Iran $8 trillion to buy more terror.

He discusses how homosexuals, women, Christians and military people are under completely different rules in Iran.

Bartlett, invoking the words of the courageous three Americans who stopped the terrorist attack on a Paris train recently, pleads for every one of us to honor the sacrifice he and his fellow soldiers have given to this nation by “not sitting down and doing nothing because they’re going to kill you anyway.”

“So get up and try and fight back. Call your congressman, call your senator, pass flyers, bring awareness, show what this deal is going to do.”

Continuing, he said, “Iran will inspect their own weapons? What kind of sense does that make? It’s insanity. How many will die?”

As for and all the leftist advocates for Obama’s Iran deal, Bartlett hopes proponents realize, “Iran will kill them too.”

Believing there are some 500 American soldiers injured or killed by Iranian bombs or EFPs, Bartlett can’t even imagine why American hostages were not a part of any deal with American leaders. He mentioned the Michigan marine still being held there. “Why aren’t we trying to bring them home?”

Ads by Vets Against the Deal are running in 10 states. For more information and to view the ads, see here.

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