Tulane University College Democrats To Mitch McConnell: ‘Suck My D***’

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What claims to be the official Twitter account of the Tulane University College Democrats celebrated the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. earlier this month.

The Democrats’ account on the fancypants college campus — annual cost: $65,080 — is also a cesspool of vulgarity and dumb, unsophisticated declarations from the mouths of students at the university, located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In January of this year, Tulane’s College Democrats sent a tweet urging Sen. Mitch McConnell’s press team to “SUCK MY DICK.”


The “SUCK MY DICK” tweet is the highlight among a set of outrageous tweets from the Tulane University College Democrats compiled by The Liberty Standard.

Tulane’s Democrats appear to have deleted the vile tweet aimed at the Senate majority leader. Google is a harsh mistress, however, and a cached version is available here.

Here’s another gem from January:

2The proprietors of the Tulane Democrats’ Twitter account have a fondness for the term “FUCKBOY.” And CAPITAL LETTERS. The term also appeared — in all-capital letters — previously in late 2014 in a tweet about Joe Paterno.


The account has also cited former Vice President Dick Cheney with the hashtag “#dickhead.”


And, just this summer, the Tulane Democrats’ Twitter account expressed elation that a left-wing British newspaper enthused that “socialism is no longer a dirty word in America” because of the rise of Bernie Sanders.

5The Tulane Democrats’ “FUCKBOY” Twitter account links to the Tulane Democrats Facebook page, which features imagery of round Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign stickers and “Hands Off My Obamacare!” bumper stickers.

The account features a total of 584 tweets and 504 followers.

Among the 425 accounts followed by the Tulane Democrats are New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, T.U.Vagina Warriors, Democrat clubs at a host of colleges around the country and, of course, Vox.

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