Walker: We Need To ‘Empower’ Ground Forces To Deal With ISIS [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Gov. Scott Walker told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday that in order to “stop this issue of Islamic terrorism,” America needs to “empower” our ground forces stationed in the Middle East “to unleash the power of the United States military” upon the Islamic state.

WALKER: Well, different from this president and from the policy that Hillary Clinton was involved with is lifting the political restrictions in the person already there.  I’ll give you a good example.  We have people in Iraq right now, in the military, over 3,000 troops.  It’s not a question of sending more in.  It’s about empowering them to unleash the power of the United States military. We have people right there as air controllers who could literally draw in air strikes with absolute precision.  They can’t do that.  That’s particularly difficult because I talked to a general early this year who said air strikes can be effective, but right now, they’re like a drizzle.  He said, “We need to have a thunderstorm there.”

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