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#Hillary2016: Not Criminal, Just Incompetent

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Hey, that’s not me saying it. That’s Team Hillary saying it.

As the invaluable Twitchy.com notes, the pro-Hillary shills at David Brock’s “Correct the Record” are pushing an op-ed written by a Hillary donor:

Even if it’s true that she was too incompetent to do her job correctly, it doesn’t matter whether she broke the law knowingly or not. If she broke the law, she broke the law.

This is what Hillary Clinton has been reduced to: insisting that she was too clueless to perform her duties as secretary of state without breaking the law and jeopardizing national security, and then turning right around and insisting she’s the best candidate for president in 2016.

But what else can she do? All her lies have been shattered by reality, and the story isn’t going away. Drip, drip, drip…