MSNBC Guest: Hillary ‘Is On A Trajectory That Is Dramatically Downward’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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John Heilemann argued Monday on “Morning Joe” that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is “on a trajectory that is dramatically downward.”

Heilemann, Bloomberg Politics managing editor, noted similarities between the 2008 campaign and now, where at the time, Hillary had a lead on both John Edwards and Barack Obama, but she ultimately was not the nominee.

John Heilemann: She [Hillary Clinton] lost a third of her support since May in Iowa. A third of her support, and he [Bernie Sanders] is right now, our pollster on this, Ann Selzer says it reminds her a lot of 2008, in terms of the the coalition Sanders is building right now. Young voters, liberals and new first-time caucus-goers, people who have not ever caucused before. That is the Obama coalition in Iowa. She is on a trajectory that is dramatically downward. You know if you think back to four years ago or eight years ago, she was leading in Iowa by six or seven points over John Edwards around this time and a few more points over Barack Obama at this time. So the dynamics are strikingly similar to what is going on then, in that state, in that cycle.

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