Sanders Won’t Take Stance On Permitting A Cabinet Secretary To Use A Private Email System [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter

Berne Sanders refused to take a stance on whether or not he would permit a cabinet secretary to use a private email system.

Sanders, appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Monday also refused to say if Hillary had jeopardized national security, evading the question saying, “there is a process going on now. We will learn more about it.”

Andrea Mitchell: While you haven’t criticized Hillary Clinton because of the email controversy. Would you as president, permit a cabinet secretary, someone in the national security cabinet to use a private email system?

Bernie Sanders: I think that’s an issue that we’ve got to take a hard look at and I think what’s going on now is, I think, Secretary Clinton now realizes is not a good practice. So…

Mitchell: Well, do you think that she jeopardized national security?

Sanders: Well, there is a process going on now. We will learn more about it. But this campaign that I am running, let me reiterate, is not against Hillary Clinton or anybody else.

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