Taxpayer-Funded Professors Censor Words ‘Female,’ ‘Illegal Alien’ And Make White Students ‘Defer’

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It’s back-to-school time, America. And you know what that means: Taxpayer-funded professors at public universities are flatly censoring politically-incorrect terms and requiring students with white skin to “defer” to minority students.

The site of the rank discrimination based on politics and skin color is Washington State University, reports Campus Reform.

The PAC-12 punching bag in the rural eastern part of the state boasts at least three professors who are intent on either suppressing student speech or discriminating against white people this semester.

In his “Introduction to Multicultural Literature,” for example, professor John Streamas informs students in his syllabus that he expects white students who want “to do well in this class” to “reflect” their “grasp of history and social relations” by “deferring to the experiences of people of color.”

The taxpayer-funded critical studies professor also writes in his syllabus that Glenn Beck is a member of a group of “insensitive whites.”

Streamas, who obtained his Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University, is most notable because he told a student who supports limits on illegal immigration: “You are just a white shitbag.”

The insulted student responded by saying, “You have no right to call me a shitbag,” as a lengthy complaint investigation compiled by a Washington State administrator explains. Streamas then apologized to the student. This apology was captured on video. (The investigation also spends several paragraphs pondering the meaning of the phrase “white shitbag.”)

A second Washington State faculty member, Selena Lester Breikss, warns students in her “Women & Popular Culture” course this semester that they risk “failure for the semester” if they use the terms “male” or “female.”

The Daily Caller is not making this up.

Breikss, a taxpayer-funded graduate assistant who does not have a faculty page, declares in her syllabus that the words “females” and “males” constitute “gross generalizations” and “derogatory/oppressive language”:

“Gross generalizations, stereotypes, and derogatory/oppressive language are not acceptable. Use of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, classist, or generally offensive language in class or submission of such material will not be tolerated. (This includes  ‘The  Man,’ ‘Colored People,’ ‘Illegals/Illegal Aliens,’ ‘Tranny’ and so on — or referring to women/men as females or males.” [Emphasis added]

“Students will come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions,” Breikss adds.

Finally, not to be outdone, Washington State American studies professor Rebecca Fowler similarly warns students that she will lower their grades if they utter the phrase “illegal alien” at any time in her “Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies” course.

The taxpayer-funded Fowler proclaims that she bans students from using the phrase “illegal alien” because the Associated Press stylebook “no longer sanctions the term.”

The Associated Press stylebook is purely an advisory publication for professional journalists. It has no force of law whatsoever.

Nevertheless, Fowler orders, students must say “‘undocumented’ migrants/immigrants/persons” and not “‘illegal alien’ or ‘illegals'” because of the media outlet’s preference.

Public university students who dare to use the phrase “illegal alien” “will suffer a deduction of one point per incident,” Fowler warns.

An attorney for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Ari Cohn, noted that all three syllabi ironically tell students that class subject matter is controversial and ask students to keep an open mind, according to Campus Reform.

Washington State University is most famous, of course, because a self-proclaimed student sex columnist declared in 2014 that anal sex was taking over the campus. Butt sex is also inherently funny, the WSU columnist enthused. (RELATED: Anal Sex Is Taking Over Campuses! Claims Huffpost. Citing Exactly One Column)

The school is also home to a research center that studies fat people by studying grizzly bears instead of fat people. (RELATED: Scientists Are Researching Bears To Help Answer Questions About Obesity)

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