Where Is The Network Coverage Of The Planned Parenthood Videos?

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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In case you missed it, in the last 31 days ABC, NBC, and CBS haven’t reported on a single video released about Planned Parenthood trafficking aborted babies during any of their news broadcasts.

The most recent Planned Parenthood video released by the Center for Medical Progress covered by the networks was the fourth video where workers discussed “5-Star” baby parts and trying not to “smush” them. CBS covered that video on July 31.

Since then, four more videos have been released.

The last time NBC reported on a specific video was July 30, while ABC’s last coverage was on July 16, two days after the first video was released. 

The topics not covered by the three major networks includes StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer discussing shipping intact baby heads and a StemExpress technician recounting how she cut a baby that had a beating heart open. Later videos include cavalier discussion of taking baby parts from women without their consent.

During the past month, other aspects of the Planned Parenthood video saga have been discussed on the networks — such as coverage relating to Congress potentially defunding the organization — but included no reference to the new videos themselves.

The Media Research Center conducted this study using Nexis and searching recorded news programs.

[h/t Newsbusters]

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