Chuck Todd Argues Hillary’s Convenience Excuse Is ‘Least Believable’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said Hillary’s convenience argument for using a private server is the “least believable.”

Todd, appearing on the NBC’s “Today” Tuesday, argued that a more plausible reason Hillary used a private server was to “get out of congressional action and Freedom of Information Act requests.”

Savannah Guthrie: Taking this whole email controversy, I mean the central accusation, what people are worried about is, did she mishandle classified information? With this latest batch of 7,000 plus emails, is there a smoking gun on that issue?

Chuck Todd: No there’s not. There is not the whole “knowingly.” And remember, knowingly is the key word. Did she knowingly pass around classified information in an unclassified setting. There is no evidence to suggest that, that story doesn’t hold up. Let’s remember, these are emails she chose to release. Okay, these are still emails she chose to release and gave the State Department so there is always that caveat. The second thing here is that she may be out of legal jeopardy, as far as this release is concerned there is still the political aspect. And I can tell you, the most damning email was the one from Huma that says, “Hey IT didn’t know they had your email in here.” There was an email in there, she couldn’t get email at the time and they go they didn’t know about her private email set up. This is the state department IT. And it is a reminder, how is this more convenient to have your own home brew system? Who wants, who has IT at home? Isn’t it easier for anybody out there to get your email via work. So, I actually think that excuse is the one that is least believable. I still think the most logical explanation is she was trying to get out of congressional action and Freedom of Information Act requests.


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