Sid Blumenthal To Hillary: ‘Yes, There Is A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

Among the tens of thousands of e-mails from former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that was released by the State Department on Monday night, one e-mail from Sid Blumenthal had the subject header: “Yes, there is a vast right wing conspiracy.”

The August 23, 2010 e-mail from Blumenthal is a New Yorker piece by Jane Meyer that explores the emergence of the tea party and the funding behind the movement.

“A must read piece that looks at the Koch brothers’ control and funding of the tea party and right wing,” Blumenthal wrote to Clinton.

Sid Blumenthal e-mail to Clinton

The “vast right wing conspiracy” was coined and made famous by Clinton herself. In 1998, at the height of the Bill Clinton administration scandals, Hillary told NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer, “This is — the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.”