Chuck Todd: Hillary’s Hearing At Benghazi Committee ‘Make Or Break Moment For Her Campaign’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd argued that Hillary Clinton’s hearing in front of the House Benghazi Committee in October will be “more important than any debate she’s going to be in.”

Todd, appearing on “Morning Joe” Wednesday, cautioned that how she and the House Republicans handle the debate will be a “make or break moment for her campaign.”

Joe Scarborough: It’s been a terrible summer for Hillary. What’s the impact going into the fall?

Chuck Todd:  I think it’s, I think you’re seeing it. I feel like actually some of her Democratic opponents now are getting more comfortable talking about this for the first time. Not just Martin O’Malley who is sort of in a desperate mode but even Bernie Sanders, even though he says “I’m not going to do it,” but you get the sense and people around him, I think this isn’t going away. And now October, this hearing, you know it is now turning into a more important than any debate she’s going to be in. Like this will be a make or break moment for her campaign. How does she handle it? How does House Republicans handle questioning her? That’s going to be, you know, there is that fine line they could end up helping her if they go too far. How she handles herself, but we’re now, it just feel as if we’re waiting for that moment in six weeks.

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