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Cop-Killing Emojis Spraypainted Throughout Houston

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If there’s anything dumber than blaming the police for the actions of criminals, it’s emojis.

People are now just walking up to police officers and murdering them for being police officers. And they’re being encouraged by other morons who fell for “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” KRIV, Houston:

The images may look a little familiar to you … That’s because they’re modeled from emojis, straight from your phone.

But what these criminals have done is pair an emoji of a policeman next to an emoji of a gun pointed at his head.

Whoever is doing this has been vandalizing property in the Houston area with these images.

This is hardly the first time someone has vandalized public property with messages critical of the police. But this takes it to a new level of awfulness. Emojis?

I hope whoever’s doing this never finds himself in a situation where he needs help from the police. Every day, they have fewer and fewer reasons to stick their necks out for anybody else.

The only thing worse than cops is no cops.

(Hat tip: Kristinn Taylor)