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Daily Mail Editor May Bite Your Head Off If You ‘Hope He’s Doing Well’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Mirror completely supports the elimination of bullshit in our daily lives.

But Daily Mail‘s U.S. editor David Martosko appears to be mired in it as of late.

On Tuesday, he wasn’t having such a great day. So he shared about it with 18.7 thousand of his closest friends on Twitter. He was very generous to say, “I hope you’re having a better day than mine.”

Naturally by Wednesday, he seemed to forget all about his terrible Tuesday.

Despite telling strangers that he wasn’t having a great day, he really hates it when strangers write him and say, “Hope you’re doing well.”


So let’s get this straight. He can share with lots of strangers that he’s having a bad day. But if you write him and say, “Hope you’re doing well,” your email will become virtual sewage?

Speaking of sewage, last week Martosko wrote the greatest Hillary Clinton pool report of all time.

In it, he included the detail that the Clinton campaign allowed him to use the toilet — this, despite the fact that they previously cut him off because Daily Mail is considered foreign press and they said he was an approved reporter for the pool.

Use of a toilet is a pretty great way to say ‘I’m sorry.’

And there’s only a couple of possibilities where that is concerned.

Moral of the story: Sharing with strangers is both horrible and touching.

Publicists: you’ve been warned.