For Hoodwink Hillary, Lying Is An Art Form

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First there was Tricky Dick. Then there was Slick Willie. And now we are plagued with pschotic liar Hoodwink Hillary.

Hoodwink Hillary is very pleased with the dumbing down of America. The queen of scam believes the American people are dumb, gullible, hopelessly naïve and thankfully tuned out.

Sadly she’s correct as it pertains to the mouth-breathing bloodsuckers who think you’re a sucker if you earn your own way and demand free stuff at the expense of the hard-working producers in America. Hillary knows the bloodsuckers and crayon-eaters are easily manipulated, conned, fleeced and hoodwinked.   They are the dumbest creatures on two feet and the slithering backbone of the Democrat Party.

Her computer server fiasco lie-fest is the latest in a long and putrid trail of scandals and lies in which Hoodwink has found herself embroiled.

The painful truth is that her royal highness Hillary Clinton is either a naïve boob or a bald-faced liar. Thinking people are convinced she is both.

Learning her political lessons well from her husband who once pondered under oath what the definition of is – is, old Hoodwink is trying to con the American public into believing that she never received or sent classified information from her private computer server. She’s lying. Again. She can’t help it.

Hoodwink was the Secretary of State. Any American who passed the second grade knows the Secretary of State routinely receives highly sensitive e-mails. To believe otherwise is a willful level of dishonesty and criminal disconnect from reality that is incredibly difficult to comprehend and impossible to accept.

Moreover, had any of Hoodwink’s Department of State underlings had their own private computer server in their home to process the nation’s business, they would have already been charged with any number of federal crimes. Tricky Dick has got to be doing backflips in his grave.

Lastly, as a senior executive in the federal government, Hoodwink should have set the bar high for other Department of State employees to follow. As usual, her bar was buried in the muck, slop and DC goo where only those with zero integrity, scruples and character wallow. She’s no leader. She’s a liar.

The list of Clinton’s lies and legal parsing of words borders on psychotic. From making a 10,000 percent profit on cattle futures by simply “reading the Wall Street Journal”  to coming under sniper fire in Bosnia to “what difference does it make” regarding when she knew what regarding Benghazi and the so-called Youtube video that supposedly provided the spark for the Benghazi massacre that cost four Americans their lives, Hoodwink Clinton and the truth are about as attracted to one another as oil and water.

And now Hoodwink wants to become the president of the United States.  She has no shame. Whatever ends justify the means. Hoodwink is the quintessential exemplar of the idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Hoodwink Hillary is a fraud, a con artist and a crook far beyond the scale of Watergate. It’s true that many if not all politicians periodically lie or play fast and loose with the truth. However, Hoodwink has taken lying to a whole new level that surely has to make Slick Willie blush with envy.

It’s our call America. Tell me there are more in the know than there are dumbed down. Tell me there are enough real Americans left to stop the fundamental transformation of our great country into the Obama/Clinton hellhole of Saul Alinsky’s dream. Tell me that truth and America still matters.

Tell me there enough real Americans left that refuse to be scammed.