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How Many Mentally Unstable People With Guns Are Allowed Near The President Of The United States?

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If gun-control advocates really believed what they keep saying, they would advocate the disarming of the Secret Service. I’ve been saying so for months now, and the following story is just further evidence that I’m right.

Last month, the unstoppable Chuck Ross reported:

An assistant to President Obama who was recently described by a White House official as “even-keeled” has been arrested after she allegedly stole her U.S. Capitol Police officer boyfriend’s service weapon and fired one shot in his direction during a heated argument this weekend.

Police say that Barvetta Singletary, who currently serves as special assistant to the President and House legislative affairs liaison, invited her boyfriend over to her home in Upper Marlboro, Md. on Friday.

According to NBC Washington, charging documents show that after Singletary and her boyfriend had sex, she confronted him about cheating on her.

Singletary asked her boyfriend to go to his vehicle and inside the car asked to search his cell phone. When he refused, Singletary allegedly reached into his bag, grabbing two cell phones and his .40-caliber Glock 23 service weapon…

“You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,” Singletary said…

After the man again refused to provide his password, he said that Singletary fired a shot in his direction. He ran away and called 911.

He’s okay, fortunately. That happened on August 7. On August 28, three entire weeks later, Singletary finally resigned. We’re only finding out now.

If you think this should be bigger news than it is — a White House staffer trying to shoot her boyfriend, a member of the Capitol Police, with his own weapon — you must be under the seriously mistaken impression that Barack Obama is a Republican.

Nobody in the press will ask him about this. Nobody in the press would even consider asking him about this. It’s no big deal, because our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters don’t want it to be a big deal.

Unfortunately, it is. Clearly, Barvetta Singletary isn’t as “even-keeled” as she led people to believe. We’re just lucky that she finally snapped in her own home and not inside the White House. What would’ve happened then? What would’ve happened if she’d somehow gotten her hands on a Secret Service agent’s weapon?

And who’s to say it can’t still happen? If this woman managed to fool people into thinking she was stable enough to work in the most heavily armed building in the country, if not the world, who’s to say there aren’t others like her working there? Who’s to say there’s nobody like that within the Secret Service itself?

Guns are bad. Guns are dangerous. Guns make people do bad, dangerous things. How can we keep surrounding the President of the United States with bad, dangerous guns?

Stop the madness. Keep Obama and his loved ones safe. Show the rest of the world how it’s done, and make the White House the most famous gun-free zone in the world.

Disarm the Secret Service.

If not, why not?