Walker Says Jeb Bush Is A Name From The Past: ‘We Don’t Need That’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Jeb Bush is “a name from the past,” and that “we need a name from the future.”

Walker, appearing on the “Laura Ingraham Show” Thursday, argued that America needs someone who is “outside of Washington who can actually wreak some havoc on Washington,” not another Washington insider.

Laura Ingraham: You’ll endorse who the presidential nominee is regardless of who the who is. Good idea, bad idea? It’s clearly directed at Trump. Do you think this is …

Scott Walker: Well, at the first debate, everybody said “yes” except the one guy in the middle. I think the worse thing America could have would be Hillary Clinton be elected president. I think I am the best candidate to take on somebody like Hillary Clinton … versus say someone like Gov. Bush, a name from the past. We don’t need another name from the past to do that. We need a name from the future. I think someone who is from outside of Washington who can actually wreak some havoc on Washington like I wreaked havoc on our state house a couple years ago. We need somebody who can do that. And I think somebody who has actually accomplished something, particularly in a blue state, is a great contrast out there. I have no problem saying as I did that day, if I am not the nominee, I’m going to support a Republican. I think there are many great candidates. I just think that I am the best one to make that case.

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