Kentucky Clerk’s Lawyer: ‘She Will Never Violate Her Conscience And Never Betray Her God’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest | Media Reporter

The lawyer for Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis explained that, while she is incarcerated for not issuing gay marriage licenses, “all is well” and that “she is here because of her conscience.”

In a news conference Friday, Davis’s lawyer Mat Staver indicated that she will “never violate her conscience and never betray her God. So she is prepared for the consequences of those two decisions and that’s why she is here.”

Staver explained that “Kim Davis slept well last night, and she slept with a very good conscience, and she was in very good spirits. She was encouraging to us, and I think she never envisioned herself to be here, but this is where she is.”

Staver continued, “One thing that Kim Davis will never do is imprison her conscience, even though she herself may be physically incarcerated. She loves God, and her life was radically transformed four and a half years ago when she heard a story of grace and forgiveness and during that time when she went to a church that evening at the death wish, dying wish of her godly mother-in-law, she heard that there was a God that loved her and gave himself for her and died for her sins and freely forgave all that she had ever done and she says she played in the devil’s playground for a long time and her life has been radically changed since then.”

“And that forms the basis for Kim Davis’ commitment and conscience, because she loves God and she loves her people, she loves her job and the people of this county and she is committed to all of them,” the lawyer indicated.

Staver said that Davis will “remain the clerk of Rowan County as long as the people want her as the clerk of Rowan County. She has no intention of stepping down because she loves her people and loves the job, and she intends to serve them well and she already has done that.”

Kim Davis bases her reasoning for not issuing marriage licenses because she “loves God” and because of that she can’t “issue a license for marriage under her name and under the authority of the clerk of the court for Rowan County that authorizes marriage that is contrary to the design of God’s design for marriage.”

Staver insisted, “She [Davis] is someone who cannot a fix her name or her title under her authority to a marriage license that goes into the annals of Kentucky history, for as long as there is a Kentucky.  That is for Kim Davis, a heaven or hell decision, she said, and it’s also a decision of obedience.”

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