Huckabee: Gavin Newsom Ignored The Law, Nothing Happened, But When Conservatives Do They Go To Jail [VIDEO]

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee defended Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has been jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, explaining she acted on the “only law in front of her,” Kentucky law. (RELATED: Huckabee Compares Kentucky Clerk Who Didn’t Get Bail To Serial Killers Who Did)

Huckabee, appearing on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos Sunday argued that Democrats like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Gavin Newsom have “thumbed their nose” at the Constitution but “a county clerk in Kentucky who, acting on her Christian faith, is criminalized, jailed without bail because she acted on her conscience” (RELATED: Kentucky Clerk’s Lawyer: ‘She Will Never Violate Her Conscience And Never Betray Her God’)

George Stephanopoulos: Doesn’t she have the duty to obey a legal order from the court?

Mike Huckabee: Well, you obey if it’s right. So, I go back to my question, is slavery the law of the land, should it have been the law of the land because Dred Scott said so? Was that a correct decision? Should the courts have been irrevocably followed on that? Should Lincoln have been put in jail? Because he ignored it. I mean, that’s the fundamental question, do we have a check and balance system? Do we have three equal branches? Or do we have one supreme branch not just a Supreme Court? That’s the fundamental question. And George, that’s the bigger issue. This goes back to the larger issue, whether or not we learned in 9th grade civics is even still operative and why people are so angry across the country not just on this issue but others. It is that the ruling class has thumbed their nose at the the very Constitution. You’ve got Democrats who ignored the law when it was the law to have traditional marriage, Gavin Newsom in San Francisco as major, performed same-sex weddings even though it was illegal. Did he ever get put in jail? He most certainly did not. You had Barack Obama and Eric Holder when he was Attorney General, they ignored the rulings of DOMA, did they get put in law for ignoring the law? They most certainly did not. So when do liberals get to choose which laws they support but a county clerk in Kentucky who, acting on her Christian faith, is criminalized, jailed without bail because she acted on her conscience and according to the only law in front of her.

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