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Hillary Plans To Be More Spontaneous

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Hillary Clinton might seem tedious, incompetent, dishonest, off-putting, paranoid, and just plain weird, but that’s only because we don’t yet understand her.

It’s good to be a Democrat. You can run for president, your campaign can say any silly old thing to the New York Times, and it’ll be reported as news. Amy Chozick, NYT:

Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say

There will be no more flip jokes about her private email server. There will be no rope lines to wall off crowds, which added to an impression of aloofness. And there will be new efforts to bring spontaneity to a candidacy that sometimes seems wooden and overly cautious…

In extensive interviews by telephone and at their Brooklyn headquarters last week, Mrs. Clinton’s strategists acknowledged missteps — such as their slow response to questions about her email practices — and promised that this fall the public would see the sides of Mrs. Clinton that are often obscured by the noise and distractions of modern campaigning…

They want to show her humor. The self-effacing kind (“The hair is real, the color isn’t,” she said of her blond bob recently, taking note of Mr. Trump) has played better than her sarcastic retorts, such as when she asked if wiping a computer server was done “with a cloth…”

It is not clear whether any of these efforts can help Mrs. Clinton revamp her candidacy and regain momentum amid persistent questions about her use of a private email server at the State Department…

Previous attempts to introduce Mrs. Clinton’s softer side to voters have backfired amid criticism that the efforts seemed overly poll tested.

Weird, right? It’s almost as if “everyday Americans” — a phrase that Clinton’s campaign is dropping even though it polls better than her preferred term, “flyover peasants” — can see right through her.

Who could’ve predicted that Hillary Clinton would run into problems convincing people she’s warm and genuine and honest and likable? Who could’ve predicted that after nearly a quarter-century of putting up with this bumbling, power-hungry termagant, the common rabble might be a bit reluctant to hand her the high office she thinks she deserves? Who could’ve predicted that after decades of living in a bubble, surrounded by toadies and lickspittles who will debase themselves without shame to gain her favor, she’s utterly baffled and dismayed by the real world?

Nobody. Other than, well, me.


That was back in April, when she launched her campaign. Correction: the first time she launched her campaign. Her hapless aides are now introducing Grandma 3.0, and they still can’t figure out how to make people like her.

If Hillary Clinton had a “softer side,” we’d have seen it a long time ago. The woman has been on the national stage since Kurt Cobain was alive. She’s not struggling because we don’t know who she is. She’s struggling because we do.

Come on, Joe. Let’s do this.