O’Malley: DNC Is Stacking The Deck For Hillary [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley ripped his own party for stacking the deck in favor of Hillary Clinton by limiting the number of debates.

O’Malley, appearing on “The Lead” with Jake Tapper Tuesday, indicated it was a “very undemocratic way to run the Democratic party.”

Jake Tapper: Do you think specifically that the DNC leadership has stacked the deck in order to help Clinton?

Martin O’Malley: I do.

Tapper: You do?

O’Malley: And who else will this help? When I made the call, when I told the DNC members that we’re being limited to just one debate before Iowa and one before New Hampshire, I got a standing ovation from members what had never ever been consulted.

Tapper: One in Iowa, before Iowa, and one in New Hampshire, before New Hampshire?

O’Malley: Correct. And that’s never happened before, and the exclusivity clause which the chair didn’t mention is that any candidate that participates in debates other than these sanctioned debates is going to be excluded from others. That’s a very undemocratic way to run the Democratic party. And that’s why the members were so outraged when they were presented with this fiat.

Tapper: Hillary Clinton, over the weekend saying she would welcome more debates with enthusiasm. Do you think she’s sincere?

O’Malley: I hope so. I think, I think she has the ability; I think all of us together should be asking the chair to reconsider. Apparently this was a decision made simply by the chair.

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