Scott Walker’s Son Makes Surprising Endorsement

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Alex Walker, the son of Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, made his Heisman Trophy winner endorsement through a tweet Monday: Ohio State senior Braxton Miller.

The tweet was made during Ohio State’s recent victory against Virginia Tech when Miller, a former quarterback converted to a wide receiver/halfback hybrid, was torching the Hokies defense en route to 140 total yards and 2 touchdowns. (RELATED: Ohio State Rolls, Quarterback-Turned-Receiver Unleashes Spin Move From Hell)


After being called a bandwagon fan on Twitter, Walker clarified he’s been a fan since Miller’s freshman year.


The endorsement of Braxton Miller for Heisman comes as a surprise for a couple reasons. First, Walker is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin which has a potential Heisman candidate in star running back Corey Clement. Secondly, his father is currently the governor of Wisconsin and it doesn’t look good when his son is cheering for a rival Big 10 player.

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