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‘Dear Fat People’ Offends Fat People, Fat Sympathizers

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As a longtime member of the Adipose-American community myself, I feel I have absolute moral authority in commenting on the following story. If you disagree with anything I’m about to say, that means you’re questioning my identity and triggering me, which makes you a bigot. Way to go, bigot.

Recently, a young Canadian woman named Nicole Arbour made a YouTube video with a bunch of fair-to-middlin’ fat jokes and some undeniable facts about obesity. So, of course, everybody freaked out. It even got taken down from YouTube for a day or two, which YouTube now claims was an accident.

Let’s take a look.

WARNING: Strong Language, Fat-Shaming, Denial of the Very Existence of Fat-Shaming, Canada

Only one thing offends me about this video: the way she pronounces “about.” Come on, Canadians, we’ve talked about this.

And yet somehow, this video is “hate speech.”

Super-hateful hate speech.

Not only that, but it simply doesn’t comport with the things everyone knows to be true.

And let’s keep in mind that Arbour’s critics are strictly focused on the message, not the messenger.

Not to mention that they have a sense of humor about themselves.

I don’t think Nicole Arbour should say that people who try to be healthy and work on their appearance are better than those who don’t, just because it’s true. I’m glad to see so many people fact-shaming her.


For her part, Arbour remains unbowed by the near-universal condemnation of her hate-comedy.

What Ms. Arbour fails to understand is that once a person of size learns to accept xim- and/or xerself, it’s very important that nobody is allowed to say anything that will hurt xis and/or xer big fat feelings. We’re fat and we’re proud. Now stop calling us fat!

Incidentally, here’s some other news that just broke yesterday:

Half of US adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes, study says

But nah, instead, let’s all yell at the skinny Canadian bitch for telling the truth. She’s the real problem.

A heartfelt plea to my fellow fatties: Lighten up.

Well, not literally.