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Quote of the Day:

“You’re going to make mistakes…but what I do find they correct them very fast.”

James Carville, Democratic strategist and former aide to Bill Clinton, on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon.

Unfortunate kitchen choices

“Today’s unfortunate discovery: butter-flavored topping for popcorn is not a good substitute for non-dairy creamer for coffee.” — Phil Elliott, correspondent, TIME.

TV correspondent notices 1 a.m. pushups 

“Heading home to help mom with something. Stop at a light and see men doing 1-arm pushups and flagpoles outside.” — FNC and Fox Business’ Jedediah Bedila. In other thoughts, she asks, “Anyone else bored to death of Hillary’s shenanigans yet?”

On being a politician’s wife…

“I dated a boy in high school who mournfully told me that we had no future together because I would make a terrible politician’s wife.” — Megan Carpentier, contributor, CNN.

Journo Love

“Congrats to Elisabeth @BumillerNYT, new chief of @nytimes Washington bureau, a great reporter & editor who knows the big world as well as DC.” — Strobe Talbott, president, Brookings Institution.

Reporter is glad she has laryngitis 

“On Day 4 of laryngitis and I’m beginning to view it as a blessing in disguise.” — Libby Nelson, Vox.

Deadspin writer happy he gets to dick around 

“It’s still unnerving to go to work every day thinking I’ve hoodwinked a multimillionaire into paying me to dick around online with my homies.” — Greg Howard, staff writer, Deadspin.

CNN correspondent wants other reporters to STOP doing this

“Can everyone pledge to stop using the word “bombastic” to describe Trump in their stories? It’s getting embarrassing.” — Maeve Reston.

The Defender

“Let’s take it easy on Colbert. My first column wasn’t that great. Well, actually it was.” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.

The Observer

“Christian woman won’t marry gays. Muslim woman won’t serve alcohol. Jewish woman somewhere complaining about A/C though temperature is fine.” — Dave Rubin, host of Rubin Report.

On Stephen Colbert’s debut as himself 

Laura Ingraham, conservative radio host: “Glad Colbert has shown his political leanings early. Where are the Hillary email jokes, Stevie?”

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair: “The lighting is dreadful, the sound mix is off, and the direction was weird and choppy. But whatever, they’ll figure it out I’m sure.”

Joe Heim, WaPo: “I really like Colbert, but I’d give his debut a 3/10. Lose the band. Skip the formula.”

Charlie Spiering, Breitbart News: “The most awkward part was when Bush was defending his pause – because he wanted to let the audience react.”

Greta Van Susteren, FNC: “What I liked about Stephen Colbert 1st night? he had stick up hair like I have every night @StephenAtHome.”

Josh Kraushaar, National Journal: “Honestly, Colbert’s personality on new show not much different than “fake” persona on Colbert Report.”

Jim Bessman, veteran music journalist: “Can’t believe I’ve sat thru the whole thing. @StephenAtHome #Colbert Awful so far. Hope @JebBush shows a little energy.”

OUCH! Media reporter says CNN needs to cut Chris Cuomo

Eddie Scarry works for The Washington Examiner. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.22.34 AM

Quiet Time


CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo: “A quiet set as we prepare for a great show today – it’s 3:40am in the east.”