The American Public Is About To Realize What Planned Parenthood Does To Kids And Mothers

John-Henry Westen Co-Founder, LifeSiteNews.com
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Congressional hearings are usually about as exciting as watching paint dry. But today, Congress is laying bare the horrors of Planned Parenthood’s unethical and illegal fetal harvesting practices.

At 10:30, the House Judiciary Committee unveiled its investigations into the abortion giant’s practices. It’s not just profiting off of baby parts that will be examined, however; the committee also asked its four witnesses about Planned Parenthood’s use of illegal partial-birth abortions and other law-breaking activities to procure profits.

But perhaps nothing will highlight the radical nature of forced taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood better than the abortion advocate Democrats have invited to testify: Priscilla Smith, who most famously told the Supreme Court that partial-birth abortions should be legal.

Today, Smith is the Director of the Program for the Study of Reproductive Justice at Yale’s law school. But eight years ago, she was representing late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart, who was making huge profits off of the destruction of babies that are days — sometimes hours or minutes — from being born.

This is the same Carhart who has been endangering women at his clinic in Maryland for years, including multiple hospitalizations.

When she represented Carhart, Smith was with the Center for Reproductive Rights. This is a group that says it is a constitutional right for minors to have abortions and get poisonous contraceptives without parental permission even as it fights to prevent unborn humans from having the legal right to life.

In today’s hearing, the public will hear a great deal about Planned Parenthood’s illegal practices. But even as important as this is, my colleague John Jalsevac this week reminded the pro-life movement that our fight is bigger than catching Planned Parenthood in its lawbreaking, or even defunding Planned Parenthood.

Our fight is to end Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the rest of the abortion industry by legally and culturally protecting the unborn, mothers, girls and others from abortionists’ predatory practices. Today’s hearing is a great opportunity for 23 Republicans to remind America of the humanity of all people … and the shameful inhumanity of the abortion industry.