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Brian Williams Returns To Your TV Sept. 22 (In The Unlikely Event You Watch MSNBC)

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In the immortal words of the great Tom Keifer, “Don’t know whatcha got… till it’s goooooooone.” The flipside to this obvious truth is that sometimes you don’t realize how little you cared about it till it comes baaaaaaaack.

Marisa Guthrie, MSNBC:

After more than six months in exile, Brian Williams is set to return to MSNBC on Sept. 22, according to the network. He’ll anchor live breaking news that day, which is expected to include coverage of the U.S. visit of Pope Francis…

MSNBC is expected to announce its 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. lineup soon. But Williams will not have a dedicated hour on the schedule, say network executives. Rather, he’ll work on various afternoon programs as news warrants.

In other words, he’s a floater. Y’know, like that corpse he claimed he saw in New Orleans.

What’s that? You’ve forgotten who Brian Williams is already? Here’s a reminder:

Williams, 56, lost his Nightly News job after he was discovered to have repeatedly embellished his experiences reporting from the field.

He “embellished his experiences.” You might think that claiming he was shot down in Iraq was a damn lie, just because he was never shot down in Iraq, but let’s not go overboard here. It was merely an embellishment.

I mean, did he make up a nonexistent country called Iraq? No. Did he make up a nonexistent machine called a helicopter? No. Did he make up a nonexistent person named Brian Williams? No. All he did was take the words “Iraq,” “helicopter,” and “Brian Williams,” and he embellished ’em a little.


And now he’ll do the same thing at MSNBC. Which is perfect, because nobody watches that crappy channel to find out the truth anyhow.