ESPN Is Now Censoring Its Reporters From Defending The Patriots

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Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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ESPN censored key criticisms in one of its own reporter’s responses to the sports media giant’s Tuesday report revisiting the New England Patriots’ 2007 “Spygate” scandal.

According to NBC, two of seven points, made in an article by’s Mike Reiss Wednesday, were deemed in need of, “a tighter edit.” (RELATED: Why The F**k Should Anyone Keep Watching ESPN?)

The inflammatory statements in question?

Security’s extremely tight throughout Gillette Stadium. Don’t think too many people, if any, are casually walking into the visitors’ locker room. And let’s just say they are, who leaves play sheets around?


When you’re at the top, everyone likes to bring you down. A longtime sportscaster with a deep history in Boston relayed this thought to me that resonated: ‘They used to say same the stuff about Red Auerbach.’

This is getting ridiculous. (RELATED: ESPN Has No Balls)

[h/t: NBC]

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